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G5 BioSolutions LLC is a leading authorized USA agent for Polycom and proud to be doing our part in helping companies save money and reduce their carbon footprint with our great products and services.


Over the subsequent two years since the 2012 trial I have revisited the road and its performance and obvious stabilization compared to untreated sections of similar track is remarkable. Polycom treated areas of the track have re-hardened after outback rainstorms, and there is little to no rutting. Recreational dirt bike usage is apparent, but the Polycom treated sections of track show little impact compared with tracks running adjacent to the treated zones. I subsequently also visited and met with the research and development team responsible for Polycom, and was impressed by their commitment to what can be a game changing product for rural and remote roads in Australia, and worldwide

Mr. Darren Smith BSc (Geol) MSc Formerly Regional Operations Manager GHD Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam