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General Information


BLAZETAMER380™ can be purchased at a lower rate for product-only operations where agencies have equipment, facilities and personnel to support ground-loading of aircraft. Full-service operations are available through G5 BioSolutions, LLC where costs are built into the purchase price per gallon.


G5 BioSolutions Provided On-Site Injection /Dip Tank Equipment / Personnel

• Type I, II or III Helicopters with buckets or fixed tanks
     - 6,000-gallon steel dip tank
     - 11’ diameter, weighs 3,400 lbs.
     - Fast Filler, pumps, hose, fittings & two person crew
     - Purchase BLAZETAMER380™ for $119/gallon
     - Pickup with 250-gallon tank to transfer bulk product to AC
     - Supply meets demand
     - Purchase only product used

$2,500 mobilization fee waived with purchase of >250 gallons within the first week

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