Facts: BLAZETAMER380™ is not a Gel or a Foam. It is a polymer-based Water Enhancer that is non-toxic, non corrosive and environmentally safe. BLAZETAMER380™ is a non-colored, liquid concentrate elastomer that can be tank mixed in ground equipment and stored without flushing the tank, nozzles or hoses for months.


Q. Mixing of some gels can be difficult, what about mixing of BLAZETAMER380™?
A. Our mixing systems are approved for both in-flight injection for skimmers, helicopters or ground loading aircraft at an airport or other suitable location. The Pay’s aviation in-flight injection system for the Fireboss and AT-802 have received a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA. An in-flight injection system is under development for the Bombardier CL-415 and CL-215T aircraft. Agitation and injection systems for helicopter belly tanks and external water buckets are also under development and should be ready for action for the 2017 fire season. SEI Bambi Buckets have conducted tests with BLAZETAMER380™ and have found that there are no adverse affects to the materials used in the buckets.

Our FastFiller induction systems are easy to operate, self-contained and highly mobile. Our system can be effectively hauled to a temporary base in the back of a pickup truck and can be operational with one trained person in minutes. A new suitcase sized system has been developed and can be easily transported by ground or aircraft to support remote locations.


Q. How quickly will BLAZETAMER380™ properly blend with water?
A. In normal applications BLAZETAMER380™ will mix between 2-3 minutes and in extremely cold water situations we recommend a slightly longer agitation period.


Q. How does water quality pH and other characteristics relate to mixing of BLAZETAMER380™?
A. Due to BLAZETAMER380™ being an elastomer or long chain polymer it is unaffected by water qualities or salinity and varied mixing rates should only be due to application or delivery method. ** BLAZETAMER380™ has been proven to lower the salinity or corrosiveness of salt water considerably when mixed for firefighting applications.


Q. Some Gels require thorough cleaning of hoses, tanks, and storage containers because, if not cleaned in a timely manner or overdosed the Gel material will thicken to a gelatinous state and leave a residue that is very difficult to remove, Does BLAZETAMER380™ also have that problem?
A. No, unlike Gels, BLAZETAMER380™ in its concentrated or blended forms can remain in tanks, hoses, and have other aircraft contact and not result in clogged lines, nozzles, nor result in detrimental outcomes to aircraft components. As an aside, the polymeric technology used in BLAZETAMER380™ can lubricate moving components that it contacts due to its slippery nature.