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PolyCom Stabilizing Aid is designed to be an economical solution to improve the engineering properties of gravels and soils for all vehicle road and track purposes. Since initial applications in 2003 it has delivered quality consistent, economic, results in most soil and gravel types building the reputation as the most trusted and widely used ‘polymer’ stabilizer in the global community with distribution and support networks throughout Australia, Africa, America and Asia.Polycom Stabilization Aid is an “Anionic Polyacrylamide” (polymer) soil stabilizer which comes in highly concentrated 4lb (6.5oz, 2kg) granular form making it easy and economical to handle. It is purpose manufactured from specific materials and not a by-product from manufacturing processing. When applied to soils it makes unsatisfactory material satisfactory, and enhances satisfactory material to superior quality.


PolyCom Stabilizing Aid interacts with every soil particle creating a more workable, “knead-able” material matrix promoting increased interlocking than usually achievable. This effect increases compaction density by eliminating voids and access for water travel via capillary action. The resultant treated material is denser, harder and water proof (the Hydrophobic effect). These combined enhancements create a harder durable, safer and far superior pavement than untreated. And in racing surface applications it has reduced
airborne dust, track deterioration and increased moisture sustainability and grip through its unique plasticity and moisture locking abilities.


PolyCom Stabilizing Aid 4lb (6.5oz 2kg) bottle is applied at 0.002% by mass ratio which treats 65.4yd3 (50m3) of material. Other recognized stabilizer alternatives are applied at 3-5% mass ratio or 6,613-11,023lb (3-5T) application. In this concentrated form PolyCom Stabilization Aid eliminates expensive Intermediate Bulk Container Transportation, Handling and application costs associated with diluted or other forms of stabilization. Racing surface applications are custom tailored to each race tracks specific needs but on average approximately 4-5Kg per 3/8” mile mixed into 8-10,000 gallons of water and applied via water truck.
Polycom is simply applied as part of appropriate pavement construction process utilizing at a minimum a Grader, Water Cart and compaction equipment which includes a multi tire roller for “material kneading effect”. Applied either wet or dry after formation preparation, material addition, and ripping to the treatment depth. Thorough mixing occurs to make a homogenous consistent colored material adding water until material Optimum Moisture Content (OMC) is achieved. When achieved material is laid and compacted conventionally which activates the curing process which is not a time dependant chemical reaction but a process which is water and compaction activated. Depending on weather curing may take a number of days with full benefits taking up to a month to realize.

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